Sunday, October 25, 2009

Driving Ryan to his next post

On July 26th 2009, Ryan received his commission in the US Army Reserves as a 2nd Lieutenant and in October was sent to class to be trained in how to be a proper Lieutenant. Hunter and I got to drive with him all the way to Atlanta Georgia. We took a nice 3 day family trip out there and made a few stops on the way.
We saw where the battle of Vicksburg took place. Here's Hunter and Ryan on a canon.

Stopping to smell the flowers

Hunter's big boy bed

While Ryan was home we decided that Hunter might like a big boy bed instead of a crib to sleep in, so we went to IKEA and got him a new bed, which he loves by the way.

Spending Time with daddy

Ryan got pulled out of his IT class and brought back home temporarily and got to spend some quality time with Hunter and I.

Hunter really likes to read with daddy

Wrestling with daddy

Labor day weekend

For labor day we took a trip to the coast with Ryan's family. Mustang Island was as pretty as ever and I'm not the only one who had a good time. Hunter Loves the Beach!!

While i was checking out some snails, Hunter decided he needed a look too.

We did lots of fishing with the family...

Look at what I caught...a bonnet head shark and... a puffer fish. crazy!!